love marriage ke liye family ko kaise manaye

love marriage ke liye family ko kaise manaye | लव मैरिज के लिए फैमिली को कैसे मनाए?

Convincing Family for Love Marriage: A Strategic Approach

love marriage ke liye family ko kaise manaye Embarking on the journey of convincing your family for a love marriage can be a delicate process that requires patience, empathy, and strategic communication. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to approach this significant conversation with your family.

1. Understanding Their Perspective:

Begin by understanding your family’s perspective. Consider their values, concerns, and potential reservations regarding love marriages. This insight will be crucial in tailoring your approach to address their specific points of view.

2. Choose the Right Time:

Timing is crucial for successful communication. Choose a time when your family is relaxed and not preoccupied with other matters. Avoid bringing up important topics during moments of stress or when they are busy.

3. Express Your Feelings Honestly:

Initiate the conversation with open and honest communication. Clearly express your feelings and the reasons behind your choice. Help them understand the depth and significance of your relationship.

4. Address Their Concerns:

Anticipate potential concerns or objections your family might have and address them proactively. Whether it’s cultural differences, societal expectations, or fears about the future, showing that you’ve considered these aspects will strengthen your case.

5. Highlight Positive Qualities:

Emphasize the positive qualities and virtues of your partner. Share stories and instances that showcase their compatibility with your family values. Help your family see the person beyond any preconceived notions.

6. Present a Unified Front:

If possible, present a unified front with your partner. This could involve them joining the conversation or expressing their commitment to the family’s well-being. Demonstrating unity can ease concerns about potential disruptions.

7. Share Success Stories:

Share success stories of love marriages within your extended circle or even in the public domain. Narratives of couples who successfully navigated similar challenges can serve as powerful examples, offering reassurance.

8. Assure Them of Your Commitment:

Reassure your family of your commitment to family values despite choosing a love marriage. Emphasize that your decision is not a rejection of their teachings but an evolution that aligns with your personal happiness.

9. Involve a Trusted Mediator:

Consider involving a trusted family member or friend who can mediate the conversation. Having someone your family respects and trusts can provide an additional layer of support and understanding.

10. Be Patient and Persistent:

Change, especially in matters of the heart, takes time to sink in. Be patient with your family as they process the information. Revisit the conversation periodically, allowing them the opportunity to digest the details.

11. Demonstrate Responsibility:

Demonstrate your maturity and responsibility. Discuss your future plans, addressing concerns about stability, career goals, and how you envision navigating challenges as a couple. Show that you’ve considered the practical aspects.

12. Seek a Compromise:

Be open to offering compromises. Flexibility can be key in finding common ground. Show that you are willing to meet them halfway, which can make the conversation more collaborative.


Convincing your family for a love marriage requires a thoughtful and considerate approach. By approaching the conversation with empathy, presenting your points thoughtfully, and being open to dialogue, you increase the likelihood of gaining their support.


Love marriage ke liye family ko manana sensitive aur samvedansheel prakriya hai. Yahan kuch kadam diye gaye hain jo aapko madad kar sakte hain:

  1. Unki Baaton Ko Samjhe:
    • Pehle toh yeh dhyan rakhein ki aapke maa-baap ka kya drishtikon hai. Unke vichar samajhna mahatvapurna hai taki aap apne stand ko unke concerns ke anukool banayein.
  2. Sahi Samay Chune:
    • Thik samay chunne par dhyan de. Jab aapke ghar mein sukoon ho, aur koi bhi tanaav nahi ho. Yeh mahol samvad ke liye anukool hota hai.
  3. Saaf Aur Khula Vyavhar:
    • Apne bhavnao ko saaf aur khule mann se vyakt karein. Apne premi ya premika ke prati apni bhavnaayein spasht karein aur unke sath bitaye samay mein hone wale sukhad anubhavon ko vyakt karein.
  4. Sambandhik Udaaharan:
    • Apne premi ya premika se jude hue sambandh ko lekar udaaharan dijiye. Unhe dikhayein ki aap dono ek dusre ko samajhte hain, samarthan karte hain, aur sahayak hote hain.
  5. Samanjasya Ka Pradarshan:
    • Unke samadhan ka pradarshan karein. Yadi aap dono ke beech kisi samasya ka hal hai, toh unhe batayein ki aap us par kaise nipat rahe hain aur aap ek dusre ke sath kaise samanjasya mein rahenge.
  6. Sanyam Aur Vinamrata:
    • Samvedansheel banein aur sanyam se vyavhar karein. Kisi bhi samay naariyalay banaye rakhne ka pryas na karein, balki apne vichar ko dhire-dhire vyakt karein.
  7. Unke Anukool Samadhan Ka Vichar Karein:
    • Unke concerns ko dhyan mein rakhte hue, unke anukool samadhan ka vichar karein. Yadi sambandh mein koi vyavdhan hai, toh uska samadhan nikalein.
  8. Sahyog Aur Samarthan:
    • Yadi sambandh mein aur bhi koi vyakti samil hain jo aapke vichar ko samarthan de sakte hain, toh unke sahayog ka vichar karein. Kabhi-kabhi, samvedana ya sujhav dusre vyaktiyon ke munh se sunna asar daal sakta hai.
  9. Parivaar Ke Sath Sanyukt Gatividhiyan:
    • Parivaar ko ek dusre se milne aur ek dusre ke sath gatividhiyon mein shaamil hone ka avasar dein. Yeh unhe ek dusre se parichit karne mein madad karega.
  10. Samajhdari Aur Dheeraj:
    • Dheeraj rakhein aur samajhdari se vyavhar karein. Yeh dhyan rahe ki yeh prakriya samay lagegi, aur aapke maa-baap ko aapke vichar aur jazbaat ko samajhne mein samay chahiye.
  11. Samanvay Aur Madhyasthata:
    • Yadi avashyak ho to, kisi vyakti ko madhyasth banane ki soch sakte hain. Ek madhyasth (mediator) vyakti aapke maa-baap ke sath samvaad ko sukhad banane mein madad kar sakta hai.
  12. Legal Gyan:
    • Yadi aapka vivah legal taur par sahi hai, toh is baat ka unhe bhi pata hona chahiye. Kuch samay mein, yeh samajhdari aur samvedana badha sakta hai.

Yad rahe ki har parivaar alag hota hai, isliye yeh kadam sabhi ke liye kaam karne wale nahi hote. Lekin, samvedansheel aur sahaj vyavhar se aksar is tarah ke mudde suljhe ja sakte hain. love marriage ke liye family ko kaise manaye